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Are you looking for your next challenge in this industry? Fragrances and aromas will be the entrance door, to then go through the sweetness, the body and the diversity of characteristics associated with the cup. All this learning will move us further and further away from what could be considered "commodity" coffee, which only tastes like coffee.

¿Estás buscando tu próximo reto en esta industria? 

Fragancias y aromas serán la puerta de entrada, para recorrer luego por la dulzura, el cuerpo y la diversidad de características asociadas a la taza. Todo este aprendizaje nos alejará cada vez más de lo podría considerarse como el café “commodity”, que solo sabe a café.

Barista que hace el café


This course aims to delve into the magical world of the sensory attributes that roasted coffees offer us.

Image by Sean Benesh


Understand the entire green coffee transformation process and control the sensory aspects of roasting. Themes: Coffee in green. Factors that impact the quality of the roast. Heat transfer. Critical points. Roasting phases. Roasting order. Packing.

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