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MOBY DICK - Honduras
  • MOBY DICK - Honduras

    Discover the soul of Honduras in every cup with our MOBY DICK Coffee.

    Sourced from the elevated landscapes of Cucuyagua at 1800 meters, these coffee beans thrive under the care of farmer Nelson Santamaria. Blending the Catuai and Maragogype varieties, this single origin delight captures the essence of the region's terroir.

    Roasted with precision at Salvatge, this coffee boasts a flavor symphony that tantalizes the palate. As you take your first sip, honeyed notes greet you, followed by a burst of citrusy orange that invigorates. The journey culminates in a milk chocolate finish that leaves a velvety caress.

    Crafted to perfection through the Fermentation Washed method, this coffee preserves the intricacies of its origin. Elevate your coffee experience with the Honduras Fermentation Washed Coffee – a tribute to the farmer, the roaster, and the land itself. Discover the true taste of Honduras, one cup at a time.







    • TYPE

      Single Origin

    • STYLE


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