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X PANTHER - Nicaragua

X PANTHER - Nicaragua


Embark on a wild coffee adventure with  X PANTHER Espresso. This untamed blend takes you to the heart of Nicaragua's Nueva Segovia region, where the Catuaí Red variety flourishes.


Flavor Profile: Indulge in a captivating flavor journey as delicate rose meets luscious red cherry sweetness and an exotic punch of pineapple. Hazelnut undertones add creamy richness to this truly exotic blend.


Crafted by: Produced by the Martha & Ana Albir family, their passion for coffee and commitment to quality shine through in every sip of this wild coffee from their Bethania farm.


Processing Method: Daring and experimental, our X PANTHER Espresso undergoes a natural anaerobic process, allowing cherries to ferment in a controlled environment. This intensifies the flavors, creating a coffee unlike any other.


Variety Highlight: Catuaí Red takes the spotlight in this blend, delivering a rich and complex taste that captures the essence of Nueva Segovia's untamed spirit.


Salvatge Coffee's X PANTHER"Espresso is an invitation to savor the untamed. With dedication and ingenuity, the Martha & Ana Albir family brings you an exploration of Nicaragua's wilderness in every sip.

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